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Mar 25 2010

Toast Gearbox

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by Amelia (a Cloud Farm experiment).

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Jan 12 2010

Space Elevator II

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Space Elevator II

Tomás Saraceno, Space Elevator II (working title), 2009. © Tomás Saraceno

Via we-make-money-not-art

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Jan 08 2010

David Harvey on the right to the city.

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David Harvey speaks about ‘the right to reshape the city in a different image’. He presents the city as a manifestation of our heart’s desire; ‘In remaking the city we remake ourselves. The question of what kind of city do we want cannot be divorced from questions about what kind of people do we want to be.’

Harvey points out that urban development doesn’t fix poverty, it simply moves it around – gentrification of the urban environment is achieved through the suburbanisation of the poor.

He urges us to ask ‘who’s heart’s desire is driving the reconfiguration of the city?’

A good reminder of who is doing what to whom.

Via Bezalel Papers on Architecture.

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Dec 15 2008

Get a Job.

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The best job description I’ve ever read is currently up on Super Colossal.

If only I was an architect. oh yeah, and a youth.

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Aug 27 2008


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I just watched a very interesting architecture documentary (Great Expectations, SBS). Among the diverse array of incredible buildings was this beautifully simple counterweight by architect Antti Lovag.

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Jul 27 2008


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Pepsi Pavilion, Osaka Japan

I was googling E.A.T. – Experiments in Art and Technology when I came across this collaboration for the Expo ’70 Pepsi Pavilion in Osaka, Japan. The outside of the building was covered by a water vapour cloud sculpture by Fujiko Nakaya. The dome shaped objects in the foreground are six-foot high moving sculptures by Robert Breer, they travel at less than 2 feet per minute and emit sound.

interior of Pepsi Pavilion

The interior skin of the building consists of a giant Mylar bubble, producing a spherical mirror effect. The bubble was inflated by a slight vacuum created between the Mylar skin and the buildings outer structure. Follow the link, click on the image thumbnails, be amazed.

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