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RMIT Library guide to Modding

Modding and Industry

Is Bill Gates learning from the mod community?
Kuchera, Ben 2006, viewed 11 April 2007

DoJ seizes ISOnews site over Xbox mod chip sales
Cullen, Drew 2003, viewed 11 April 2007

Nokia N770: Building consumer products with open source
Jaaksi, Ari 2006, viewed 11 May 2007

Apple iPod and iPhone

Apple iPhone adds ringtones
Apple website, viewed 14 September 2007

Interview with Phil Schiller, Apple Senior VP
Engadget website, viewed 14 September 2007

Know Your Rights: Is it illegal to make my own ringtones?
Engadget website, viewed 14 September 2007

Apple's Ringtones and Copyright Law
Roughly Drafted website, viewed 18 September 2007

iPhone unlocked NBC interview with iPhone network unlocker.

DRM chips in the new iPod Shuffle

Shuffle DRM and third party headphones

On Apple Authentication and Punishment

Part of Made for Mac

Gaming, and Films

Triumph of the mod
Au, Wagner James 2002, viewed 10 March 2007.

The Phantom Edit
Kraus, Daniel 2001, viewed 10 March 2007.

Lucasfilm's Phantom Menace
Lessig, Lawrence 2007, viewed 16 August 2007.
A company developing systems for the user re-mixing of films.
A community site for the re-mixing of films (hosted by

Interview with Michele Ledwidge from MOD Films
Morgwn Rimel, 'MAKING A MOVIE IS JUST LIKE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME', Assignment Zero, 2007, viewed 20 March 2008.

Machinima Article on Wikipedia
The practice of using game engines to render characters, scenes, and whole movies. viewed 20 March 2008.

The Bill of Players' Rights discuses gamers' demands for rights.

GTA Modding Site


this video - RIP!: A remix manifesto

How Copyright Law Changed Hip Hop. An interview with Chuck D from Public Enemy from Stay Free Mag.

Radiohead Says: Pay What You Want. Time magazine article on Radiohead's new business model.

the Pirate Bay. P2P file sharing site.

Consumer Society

The Practice of Everyday Life
Michel de Certeau, University of California Press.

The society of the spectacle
Debord, G 1995, New York: Zone Books.

Schor, J and Holt D B 2000, The consumer society reader, New York, NY: New Press.

Blackspot. Open Source Consumerism by Adbusters.


The Persuaders
Alexandria, Va. 2005, Video, Frontline, PBS.


the Rebel Sell
on This Magazine.

the Rebel Sell website for the book.
seems to be down... try -> the squarespace site.

Scene from The Wild One with Marlon Brando.

Rebel Without a Cause movie trailer.

Fight Club IKEA scene

The Merchants of Cool
Goodman, Barak. 2001, Video, Frontline, PBS.


Buying In: The secret dialogue between what we buy and who we are. A book by Rob Walker that investigates the methods advertisers use to create desire for goods and services (with a chapter on the DIY Craft movement).

Obsessive Branding Disorder Book and blog by Lucas Conley. Stories of branding strategies and their impact on our world.

Brand Marketing Gone Wild Podcast of interview with Lucas Conley (scroll to bottom of page).

Obsessive Branding Disorder Article from the New York Post with interesting comments on the branding of cities.

Product Placements To Get A Closer Look by the FCC Huffington Post online article with some interesting statistics.

McFLY 2015 make it happen! Fan campaign with video to get Nike to produce a sneaker (named by fans as the McFLY 2015) from the movie Back to the Future Part II

Nike releases Hyperdunks 'inspired' by the McFlys. Limited release of 350.

Free Software Foundation, Open Source Software, and the Creative Commons

Free Software Foundation

Richard Stallman speaking at PFOSSCON_2007

Richard Stallman on Melbourne indymedia

Lawrence Lessig "Free Culture" Presentation
A Flash movie combining Lawrence Lessig's original 243-slide presentation (on the current state of intellectual property and its ramifications on creativity and culture) with the audio from his keynote address to the 2002 O'Reilly Open Source Conference.

Free culture : how big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity.
Lessig, L 2004, New York: Penguin Press.

The Cathedral & the Bazaar
Raymond, E 1999, O'Reilly.

Innovation happens elsewhere: open source as business strategy
Goldman, R and Gabriel, R P 2005, Amsterdam ; Boston: Morgan Kaufmann.

Seven Years under the DRMA - an overview from the Free Software Foundation.

Open Source Design

Build it. Share it. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware work? Wired Magazine article with some great examples.

Chumby. A tech product based on Open Source Software and Hardware.

DesignLine article on the Chumby

10 things that will change your future. Sydney Morning Herald article. A number of these are open source and/or community based projects.

Three slideshows (1, 2, 3) on Open Source Hardware.

MakerBot Industries - producers of open source robots and CNC machines.

Google chooses Arduino for Android accessory development

the Internet (and how it changes things)

Excellent video that introduces Web 2.0

We are the Web - Wired article.

the Long Tail - Wired Article.

the Long Tail and DIY business - from Chris Anderson's Long Tail blog.

Michel Bauwens speaking on P2P networks and society at Swinburne University.


Playing Dead/Lying down game
Hitler plans Burning Man, Rudd's Downfall, Hitler orders Downfall takedown, Hitler finds out about takedown. Commentary from Rocketboom: The Downfall of Downfall
Know your meme and meme's gone mainstream - from the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies LOL.

Urban Modding

the Diggers Eating in Public

Guerilla Gardening

PARK(ing) Day on the Detroit Heidelberg Project

Detroit Heidelberg Project website


Ron English

Graffiti Research Lab

Moss Graffiti

citation needed stickers - applying Wikipedia's rules to the real world.


Buy Nothing Day. An Adbusters Campaign.

The Compact. A San Francisco group who have committed to reduce their consumption of goods.

No More Stuff. An Australian group who are following in the footsteps of The Compact.

Repair Manifesto - from platform21

Nothing New Here - Washington Post article on people who stop shopping.

off-grid. Dropping out of consumer society.

the Makers Bill of Rights. From Make Magazine, O'Reilly Publishing.

A Hacker Manifesto. by McKenzie Wark.

The Hacker Manifesto. by The Mentor.

We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. "Hackers on Steroids"

Electronic/Tech Modding

Dorkbot Melbourne Dorkbot is a social group for 'people doing strange things with electricity'. The Melbourne Dorkbot group meets on the last Sunday of every month (except December). - who wants to go to the next one? (26th August 2007)

Circuit Bending on Wikipedia. The creative sort-circuiting of electronics.

Introduction to Circuit Bending.

Bent Festival An American festival for Circuit Bending.

NOTACON Creativity, Community and Technology. An annual conference held in Cleveland, Ohio that explores alternative technology hacking and community practices.

Miscellaneous Mods, Hacks and DIY

ikea hacker. Retasking IKEA products.

Pimp my Billy. Designer add-ons for the IKEA 'Billy' bookshelf (click the flash links to find the products).

hack a day

Make blog

Craft blog


Art and Open Culture

Pigeon Blog

AIR project
a Preemptive Media Project monitoring air quality

Beatriz da Costa

Craft as Anti-Corporate

Craft Manifesto.

Handmade Nation blog.

Let 'em Eat Cake article from American Craft magazine. "I believe the simple act of making something, anything, with your hands is a quiet political ripple in a world dominated by mass production... and people choosing to make something themselves will turn those small ripples into giant waves." –Faythe Levine

Etsy online craft store for buying and selling handmade things.

SuperNaturale online craft magazine

Art and Design Mods

Droog Design

Front Design

Archinect article on Front Design

Bootleg Objects

Bootleg Definition at designboom

Deptford Design Market Challenge
A design challenge for invited designers

atelier-v German design studio.

Castor Design Studio have some interesting products made from recycled materials.

Mobile Phones by Designer Mehmet Erkok

Unintendeduses - an exhibition by NEXUS and The Hacktory.

Fashion Mods

Clothing meets social activism. From we-make-money-not-art.

Maison Martin Margiela

Annie Wu

Architecture Mods

paraSITE shelters

Urban furniture to accommodate the homeless

Shipping Container Architecture

adaptive reuse