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The PSP, otherwise known as a "Playstation Portable" is a portable gaming console developed by Sony, and is the little brother of the Playstation. its mainly used to play games on, ranging from a wide variety, eg shooter, strategy etc.


Games can cost up to 70 dollars each, proving to burn quite a large hole in your wallet, but gaming is not the only thing the psp can acheive, much like many other consoles and electronic devices, these can be hacked to allow greater use and freedom for the user, for instance, the psp can potentially run 'home brewed' programs that serve other purposes.

Hacking the PSP can prove to be quite confusing, there is a large amount of new jargon that would easily deter anyone from going further than a 5 minute browse on a website. But after reading and understanding the process it becomes much clearer. There is no doubt that the true hackers out there have made life much easier by decided to make 'install packs' or 'executable files' to ease the hacking of the PSP, especially for newbies like me.


Is Your PSP Hackable?

First things first, and you need to figure out if your PSP is even hackable. Each PSP is equip with its own motherboard, newer releases of the PSP are released with more updated versions of the motherboard and software, so far hackers have been able to crack earlier versions of the PSP, but as usual they are always hard at work trying to crack into the latest and greatest PSP.

So to figure out if your psp is hackable there are a few clear signs to tell: 1: check the bottom of your psp which should indicate the type of psp it is

2: open the battery pack and read the information there, which may lead to more clarification

3: if you have never updated your psp then you can go to "Settings -> System settings -> System information and it should tell you the system software name.

My psp was a Slim, 2002 Version 'not date' 2000 indicating its a psp slim, and the 2 indicates it is in the Australia/New Zealend region.


I also checked and my motherboard was: TA-085v2. I refereed to a chart that indicated it could be Hacked safely.


The PSP's which cannot be hacked, means that if you do try, it will destroy your psp or "Brick" it a term used when the PSP is not useless, it is possible to reverse the bricking, but sometimes not.

Pandoras Battery

This little device is just a physically hacked psp battery, that when put into the PSP allows the user to boot up the PSP in a special mode that can be hacked into, It is possible to hack using the Pandora Battery, but with my model there was an easier way. I could install the "Custom Firmware" by using simple program easily downloaded from the internet.


Custom Firmware

This is the program which is used that is the hacked version, its the name given to the program, rather self explanatory. I believe Home brew is also the name given to programs created for Custom Firmware.

The Professionals

Following on with some tutorials and websites found online, the process became rather simple, You just follow instructions! its just a little background info always helps. Here's the Tutorial site:

All you do is download a file, run it on the pc, and point to your memmory card root and install files there, once installed you run the PSP and go to Games -> Memmory card and install custom firmware via the PSP and restart the PSP.. easy as A B C!. I ran into a few issues so i just watched the video and did more research.

After Math

After finishing i decided that my 2 gig memory slot was too small to uh.. have games.. legal of course :P so i went out and got and 8 gig card which serves much better, so far so good and everything runs perfectly. Plus many thanks to those who put all their efforts into building and updating the custom firmware, and teaching all us noobs how to do it easily.


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