From Open Source Urbanism


Cities are the physical manifestation of flows of people, material, money, and increasingly, information. The city is both a product and a generator of these flows. Much of this information – such as temperature, train delays, population density, accident locations and stock prices – is mapped, recorded and broadcast in real-time through the Internet. This data is superimposed on the physical city as a dense digital cloud.

We believe designers need to identify the opportunities this emergent context offers, beyond the current dependence on handsets, interactive façades, and form-driven ‘expressions of the age’.

This research project examines the changing role of public space in the context of increased information flows. It explores the way data networks affect our notions of community and investigates the potential this holds for the formation of communal space. Rather than viewing the physical as a mere backdrop for the delivery of data, the research project seeks to develop crossovers where physical form and digital information directly inform and shape our urban environment.

Rory Hyde and Scott Mitchell.