Spoke-o-dometer code

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This page links to all release versions of the spoke-o-dometer Arduino code. During development we have created numerous Arduino shields with various pin mappings - before uploading the code ensure that it matches the shield you are using (pin numbers are assigned at the top of the sketch, modify these as needed).

Note: This code was written using version 11 of the Arduino software and will not run under version 12. Arduino 0011 is downloadable from the bottom of this page. Multiple versions of the Arduino software may co-exist on the same computer so there is no need to un-install version 12 if you already have it. (I'm hoping the numerous tedious errors will go away with release 13 but if anyone out there feels like fixing the code to work with version 12 please go ahead.)

Spoke-o-dometer Beta 8
Released: 4th November, 2008.

Displays text correctly on both sides of wheel.

Released: 1st November, 2008.

Works with two sided LED display (14 LEDs). Text displays backwards on one side of wheel. LEDs are turned on by setting Arduino pins LOW.

Released: 20th October, 2008.

Stores data to onboard EEPROM when save button is pressed.

Released: 15th October, 2008.

Counts wheel revolutions and displays speed and distance. Increased timing resolution. Added off-set variable for positioning text on wheel.

Released: 12th October, 2008.

Sensor measures wheel speed. New alphabet header file.

Released: 12th October, 2008.

Added magnetic sensor for controlling text display.

Released: 28th September, 2008.

Alphabet described through header file. Text is decoded from string. Error in alphabet description.

Released: 28th September, 2008.

Basic alphabet library. Text is defined one character at a time.